The conference is devoted to theoretical and experimental research in the field of machine dynamics and control, the development of fluid power systems and mechatronic modules, solving problems of noise and vibration, implementation of the results in various systems, objects and industries.

The subject area of the conference covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Fundamental problems of machine dynamics and vibroacoustics
  • Modeling / simulation of dynamic and vibroacoustic processes
  • System identification and modeling
  • Fluid Power system dynamics and control
  • Vehicle dynamics and control
  • Robot dynamics and control
  • Adaptive and optimal control
  • Problems of noise and vibration
  • Active and passive vibration and noise control
  • Aero acoustics and hydro acoustics
  • Fluid - structure interaction
  • Mechatronic systems and unites
  • Industrial hydraulics
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Pneumatics for stationary and mobile application
  • Digital Fluid Power
  • Biomedical applications
  • Condition monitoring and diagnosis
  • Experimental techniques and equipment

The conference is not limited to the above issues. Original and unusual reports are welcome!

On the preparation of conference materials see  Authors Guide.